Event Set-Up & Performances to Look Forward to!


ArtAwake 2011 - CleaningThe Alliance Building has been a flurry of people with cleaning supplies over the past few days, and after hours of scrubbing decades of caked-on dust, the old escalators are a completely different color.  Most of the artwork has been dropped off and the galleries are really starting to come together! The rest of the artwork will go up over the next couple of days, and then before we know it, we’ll be setting up the stages and running sound checks…

Point is, we’re all very excited for Saturday.  The artwork, the performances, the food, the wine, the interactive exhibits… it’s all going to be stellar.  I can’t possibly talk about EVERYTHING, but I thought I’d highlight a couple of performances I’m particularly looking forward to:

Dave & Marissa [7:45pm]

I met these two while working at Starbucks after they performed an acoustic set, and it’s probably the best show I’ve seen as part of the Starbucks ‘Friday Night Live’ series on campus.  Not only that, they were incredibly nice and didn’t order anything obnoxious like an extra hot quad vanilla sugar free hazelnut extra foam no whip caramel drizzle on ice in a venti hot cup latte.

The Ginger Faye Bakers [10:50pm]

I think these guys are fantastic.  Not only does their song “Back off Warchild, Seriously” remind me of ‘The Black Keys’, I think it’s just as good. The band of brothers is pretty new to the Rochester scene, but I could see them becoming a real staple of the city’s music scene if they keep it up.

Check out this song: The Ginger Faye Bakers – “Back off Warchild, Seriously”

The Windsor Folk Family [9:00pm]

Their version of ‘Shady Grove’ practically makes my roommate weep, so that’s got to count for something, right?

Hard Logic [3:00pm]

Groovy jazz and world rhythms are only the beginning, and these guys will be well worth coming to the beginning of the event.  Plus, we’re serving free cupcakes to *ba-dum-chhh* sweeten the deal.  My sense of humor is masterful, deal with it.

Matt Witten & the University of Rochester Percussion Ensemble [5:00pm]

I’m pretty confident in saying that Matt Witten and his ensemble will awe you.  Add to that the world debut of their first commissioned new work by Jennifer Bellor and a Rock n’ Roll piece featuring three percussionists and a marimba? Say no more.

Patrick Gaffney [12:15am]

This guy is the brains behind RIPROC, and if you haven’t been to one of their sockhops, you are seriously missing out on the best parties the city has to offer.   If his music doesn’t get you dancing, then I don’t know what will.

There’s so much more where that came from, and I strongly encourage you to check out the rest of the performers who will be gracing the ArtAwake stage this weekend!


Ben [Jammin’] Brown
ArtAwake ’10, ’11: Head Co-Director

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  1. The UR PE and I had a blast at Art Awake! We are grateful to have been apart of it, many thanks. I hope the rest of the night was a success. I can’t wait to see pictures. Please pass them on!

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